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Providing Western North Carolina with the finest quality of living microgreens.

Free Local Delivery On Qualifying Orders

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Living Microgreens

Grown and harvested in Western North Carolina, Asheville Microgreens prides ourselves on providing the local community with the highest quality living microgreens available.

Restaurants & Bars

Dazzle your guests and brighten up your dining room with the tastiest locally-grown, living microgreens and edible flowers in town.

Weddings & Events

Dress your plates with a touch of healthy, locally-grown, microgreens or add some pop with our colorful edible flowers..

Home & Personal

Add some flair, and superfood-neutrition to your daily diet with a pinch of these locally grown, living microgreens.

Special Orders

Asheville Microgreens can provide special orders of unique and exotic microgreens to those who plan in advance.

Featured Products

At Asheville Microgreens, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality of living microgreens. Striving to create as little waste as possible, our growing practices are top of the line and produce colorful and neutritious living microgreens and edible flowers.

Wasabi Mustard

Available seasonally or upon request…

Edible Flowers

Available seasonally or upon request…

Microgreen Superfood Mix

Available seasonally or upon request…

Custom Orders

Are you looking for a specific type of microgreen or edible flower? With enough advance notice, we’ll work to provide you or your business with whatever you need.

Seasional Collection

Contact us to learn more about how our selection of living microgreens changes with each season.

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We Deliver all over Western North Carolina

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